CeraQ™ Ceramic Filters For Water And Wastewater Treatment

Source: QUA Group LLC


QUA’s CeraQ™ ceramic membrane modules are designed for challenging water and wastewater applications. These filters are ideal for wastewater recycle or reuse applications in a wide range of industries such as upstream oil and gas, petrochemicals, refinery, food beverage, and textiles. A variety of different pore sizes provides great flexibility to users in designing treatment system for applications covering the filtration spectrum of micro- to ultrafiltration.

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The CeraQ modules consist of 3.5 mm ID ceramic tubular elements potted into bundles for various surface area requirements. The module is capable of removing virus, bacteria, colloidal matter, submicron or micron-sized suspended particles, and oil and organics from a wide range of fluids, including drinking water and industrial wastewater. Applications include the following:

  • Surface water filtration
  • Drinking water filtration for removal of bacteria/virus. Achieves 10-log bacteria and 4-log virus removal
  • RO pretreatment to replace existing chemical pretreatment for the production of industrial process water
  • Recycle & reuse of challenging industrial and oily wastewater applications where polymeric membranes fail due to heavy fouling

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