BREEZE® VOC Removal and Air Stripping System

Source: RWL Water

BREEZE® VOC Removal and Air Stripping System

The BREEZE VOC Removal and Air Stripping System is a low-maintenance, low-cost alternative to filters, packed towers, and mechanical aerators for fast, efficient removal of dissolved gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water.

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The BREEZE® Air Stripper is a VOC removal system, air stripper, and odor control device all-in-one.

The BREEZE® VOC Removal System works well in a stand-alone mode or in a series with other treatment technologies. Single units can handle flow rates up to 175 GPM (660 LPM). Multiple units can be places in a series or parallel to handle most any flow rate and achieve superior performance. The BREEZE® is ideal for groundwater remediation. Units can be stacked vertically to save floor space.

Each BREEZE System is different and configured for your specific application. Let our application engineers assist you in proper sizing, layout and operation of your next BREEZE VOC Removal and Air Stripping System.

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