News | June 7, 2013

AWWA Announces New Nitrification Manual

The American Water Works Association has announced the publication of a fully-updated nitrification manual reflecting the latest developments in research and practice. AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practices M56, Nitrification Prevention and Control in Drinking Water is now available in AWWA’s online store.

The state of the science on chloramination treatment, chloramine residual maintenance and nitrification control has advanced significantly in the seven years since the first edition of this manual was released. The resulting research, field experience and pilot studies are reflected in the second edition of Nitrification Prevention and Control in Drinking Water. Specific advances discussed include new molecular methods for identification of nitrifying bacteria, improved reservoir mixing techniques and the use of chlorite as a nitrification prevention measure.

M56 offers practical operational approaches to nitrification prevention, reduction, control and response to nitrification episodes. It also provides a balanced approach between theoretical research and practical field experience and is intended for use by water utilities that are currently using chloramination or are considering it, as well as researchers and engineers who are trying to control or mitigate nitrification.

AWWA’s Manuals of Water Supply Practices are consensus developed and reviewed by AWWA technical committees. The second edition of M56 was updated and approved by a group of volunteers from the AWWA Distribution Systems Water Quality Committee.

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SOURCE: The American Water Works Association (AWWA)

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