Brochure | May 16, 2011

Brochure: Arsenic, Iron, And Manganese Removal By Filtration

Source: Filtronics, Inc.

Removal of Arsenic, Manganese, Iron, Fluoride, Radium and other Heavy Metals is a constant challenge for water purification plants. By using our proprietary permanent media, along with chemicals that are less expensive than required by other filtration systems, we've put together a process that is praised for its simplicity, economy, and reliability.

Purifying well water, ground water and surface water for municipalities and industrial companies requires proven systems that are simple, efficient and cost-effective. Our EM-I is our flagship filtration system designed to reduce operating costs, require minimal operator involvement, handle large flow volumes effortlessly, and meet or exceed regulatory standards. These modular systems are designed to fit seamlessly into small community water flows, and be scaleable to handle the largest cities or counties.

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