Brochure | November 30, 2012

AMERICAN Flex-Lok® Joint Pipe 4"-12" Brochure

Source: AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company

AMERICAN has combined the Flex-Lok boltless ball joint and the Flex-Ring boltless restrained joint to now provide up to 25 degrees of deflection in sizes 4-inch through 12-inch. This rugged, boltless and flexible joint pipe is designed and manufactured for maximum performance in the toughest and most mechanically challenging installation conditions. The joint was created by adding the proven flexibility of AMERICAN’s Flex-Ring® joint, which when combined with the traditional Flex-Lok ball joint can provide up to 25 degrees of flexible restraint. This new capability is ideally suited for pipeline installations at river crossings; seismic zone transitions; transitions to structures, swamp and wetland crossings; raw water intakes and outfalls; and rugged terrain where extreme variable joint deflection may be required.

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