Air Docks

Source: DO2E


Air Docks are designed to improve the water quality in marinas, creeks, canals, bays, bayou's, lakes, and ponds or where ever stagnated or poor water quality exists.

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Air Docks are naturally aspired and operate using the patented DO2E Aerator technology. DO2E's patented technology injects low pressure high volumes of air into the water column through a specially designed manifold that maximizes oxygen transfer and raises dissolved oxygen levels.

These units are environmentally friendly, noninvasive, have no moving parts, are air driven and operate at a noise level of less than 35 dB.

DO2E's Air Docks are designed to deliver and inject a unique combination of coarse and fine air bubbles to achieve maximum oxygen transfer.

The Air Dock utilizes the Venturi Effect to pull water through the system at high velocities giving DO2E the ability to move massive volumes of water while aerating simultaneously.

Some of The Benefits of DO2E’s Green Technology for Environmental Remediation Include:

  1. Increased Dissolved Oxygen
  2. Improved water quality
  3. Oxidizes; hydrocarbons, fecal coliform, most heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, ammonia, hepatitis viruses, etc...
  4. Reduces Turbity and TSS
  5. Improves Marine-Life Habitat