Brochure | November 3, 2011

Brochure: AEROSTRIP® Systems

Source: Ovivo

The unique, flexible strip design of the AEROSTRIP diffuser was developed in 1995. With the first U.S. installation in 2000, customers from coast to coast have benefited from the resulting energy savings, wide-range turndown capability and long membrane life of the AEROSTRIP diffusers.

Because size matters! – small bubbles have a large surface area per volume of air available for oxygen transfer. The larger surface area and the excellent distribution improve oxygen transfer compared to all other diffusers. Lower air flow rates are thus required for the same amount of oxygen transferred. The manufacturing process allows high efficiency to be maintained over a wide range of flux rates in actual waste water. This results in significant energy savings as your plant responds to diurnal, seasonal, and start-up loads.

Oxygen transfer efficiency tests after 4, 5 and 8 years prove that the efficiency remains practically unchanged. From the tests it can be concluded that with proper care and maintenance you should expect the reduction in oxygen transfer efficiency to be no more than 5% after 8 years.

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