Submersible Mixer Type ABS XRW

Source: Sulzer Pumps / ABS USA

ABS EffeX Submersible Mixer XRW

The Submersible Mixer Type ABS XR can be used at various steps of a wastewater treatment plant. This mixer provides the high efficiency, greater reliability and minimal maintenance needed to dramatically reduce operational costs, while simultaneously providing the best process control from just one mixer through variable-speed drive and precise speed control.

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Meeting Future Challenges Within Wastewater Collection

The wastewater treatment steps that benefit from the XRW are described below.

Equalization/Sewage Basin
The objective of mixing during the equalization process is to blend the wastewater and to prevent sedimentation, stratification and odor. The submersible mixer type ABS XRW is the best solution as the water levels in this part of the process are often very low and have a tendency to change frequently. The configuration of the ABS submersible mixer concept XRW is determined by the intensity of mixing and flow required.

Selector (Contact zone)
In the selector tank the aim is to control and limit the growth of filamentous bacteria, which enhances the sludge sedimentation ability. Our submersible mixer concept is used for intensive (flash) mixing of the re-circulated sludge and wastewater.

Biological processes (Anaerobic and anoxic)
In the anaerobic and anoxic tanks the biomass has to be kept in suspension in order to avoid the risk of the sludge settling and to maximize biological activity. The target is to provide good contact between the inlet wastewater, recirculated sludge and biomass without aeration.

Our submersible mixer concept can be used to provide sufficient mixing energy to keep the biomass in suspension.

Sludge conditioning tank
Blending and homogenization of concentrated primary, secondary or digested sludge are the most common applications in the sludge buffer tanks. The XRW can be used successfully here.

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