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  1. Alarms Management And SCADA

    The ISA standard for alarms management, ISA 18.2 alarms management strategy, was recently released. The standard is a series of best practices for how to create a consistent culture of alarms management in your organization.

  2. Helping Chlorine Out During The Disinfection Process

    If you’re still unfamiliar with the name De Nora, it’s time to get acquainted. Traditionally a supplier of plates for electrolytic industries, the company purchased Severn Trent’s equipment business in 2015 and is investing in its core business of disinfection and filtration.

  3. Large Turn Down Ratios Important For Pumping Success

    Turn down ratio is an important consideration when selecting a pump. Water Online Radio recently sat down with Bill McDowell, Senior Engineer with Blue-White Industries, to learn more about this important concept.

  4. Water Talent For Hire

    aquaTECTURE is a new company in the water market, one built to address a multitude of water industry challenges. From addressing a shortage of operator talent to a shortage of water supply, the California-based Company is launching itself at the largest issues today’s utilities face.

  5. Ceramic Membrane Durability Attracts Attention

    Aqua-Aerobic recently merged with METAWATER USA, introducing the latter’s ozone and ceramic membrane technologies to the United States market. In this Water Online Radio interview, Dave Holland, Senior Applications Engineer with Aqua-Aerobic Systems, discusses the benefits of the new membrane, which he describes as “virtually unbreakable.”

  6. Improving Water Quality Through The Water Distribution System

    Historically, water utilities have treated the pipes and tanks of their distribution systems as dumb vessels. However, as Peter Fiske, CEO of PAX Water Technologies explains in this Water Online Radio interview, utilities are beginning to recognize that these assets can be used to further improve water quality as it flows through the water distribution system.

  7. Eradicating Water Loss Starts With Accurate Flow Measurement

    McCrometer’s Full Profile Insertion (FPI) magnetic flow meter inserts into a pipe via a two-inch hot tap, avoiding the need to cut in a full bore mag. As Dan Hardin, Regional Sales Manager for McCrometer, explains in this Water Online Radio interview, it can then connect to any SCADA or radio system the utility might have to measure flow rate to within half a percent accuracy.

  8. Rugged Computing For The Water Utility

    For a long time, rugged devices have been used for specific purposes in the field by operators. With the release of Windows 10 however, Juniper Systems is arming operators with handhelds that are more akin to mobile computers than single parameter data loggers.

  9. Ozone Disinfection For Water Reuse

    According to Jim Jackson, Director of Municipal Sales for Mazzei Injector Company, we’re a few years away from direct potable reuse, often referred to as “toilet to tap.” However, Jackson is seeing a growing reuse of water in supplementing feed waters to reservoirs, using membrane filtration, UV, multi-media filtration and ozone to purify this water. 

  10. Layering Water Data From Disparate Systems Creates Clear View Of Assets

    Most water professionals are not first-and-foremost IT people, but they do understand the critically important task of keeping their SCADA and other computer systems secure. One of the most critical considerations in doing this is linking disparate systems developed over time together.