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  1. Ozone Disinfection For Water Reuse

    According to Jim Jackson, Director of Municipal Sales for Mazzei Injector Company, we’re a few years away from direct potable reuse, often referred to as “toilet to tap.” However, Jackson is seeing a growing reuse of water in supplementing feed waters to reservoirs, using membrane filtration, UV, multi-media filtration and ozone to purify this water. 

  2. Layering Water Data From Disparate Systems Creates Clear View Of Assets

    Most water professionals are not first-and-foremost IT people, but they do understand the critically important task of keeping their SCADA and other computer systems secure. One of the most critical considerations in doing this is linking disparate systems developed over time together.

  3. Mobile Water Treatment Being Used As Permanent Solution

    Pre-packaged and mobile water treatment systems are growing in popularity as both an interim solution and in some cases as a more efficient permanent solution than a more invasive plant upgrade.

  4. Partial Shutoff For Partial Service

    Cutting off service to a customer who hasn’t paid their water bill can be a controversial move for many utilities. But a new product that integrates a shut off valve with an ultrasonic meter may make what has traditionally been an all or nothing decision a little easier.

  5. Metering Evolves To Meet Water Resource Conditions Of 21st Century

    Aclara Technologies has been on a tear over the past 12 months. Acquiring General Electric’s meter business and the installation business Smart Grid Solutions. Rebranding the business and digging deeper into its customers’ needs to create metering solutions for the long run.

  6. Technologies For Detecting Water Loss

    As water loss continues to concern many utilities, American Leak Detection’s franchise business model continues to “plug many a hole.” As Adam Gray, Director of Marketing for American Leak Detection, explains in this Water Online Radio interview, the franchise model is effective on numerous levels, whether it be providing the leak detection expertise that a utility doesn’t necessarily have on staff or allowing leak detection experts to share their insights and knowledge across the franchise network.

  7. Monitoring Technology Improves Leak Detection

    Eric Stacey, Product Manager with Echologics, recently sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss leak detection, pipeline condition assessment, and permanent monitoring. As more and more sensors are put into the water distribution system, utilities are monitoring the formation of leaks and becoming more informed about their water loss.

  8. Upgrading Filtration In Your Water Treatment Plant

    As utilities grapple to do more with less, many manufacturers are creating novel retrofit products that can work within the current footprint of a treatment facility.

  9. Biological Filtration For Drinking Water Treatment Takes Off

    Biottta is a relatively new biological filtration process for drinking water treatment, addressing nitrates, perchlorates, chromium-6 and a number of VOCs as well. In this Water Online Radio interview, AdEdge Water Technologies’ Chad Miller and Rich Cavagnaro discuss its emergence in the water treatment market and some of the specific contaminants it addresses.

  10. Activated Carbon And Ion Exchange Resins Compared

    Andy McClure and Jim Knepper of Jacobi Carbon recently sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the differences between activated carbon and ion exchange resins as mediums for water purification. The interview covered recent developments such as the lowering of the EPA’s health advisory level for perflourinated compounds and cyanotoxins from algal blooms to the more traditional concerns of taste, odor, disinfection byproducts and TOC reduction.