Water Online Radio

  1. One Of A Kind UV Disinfection System Treats Stormwater For Park Use

    Wayne Lem, Global Market Manager for Municipal Wastewater at TrojanUV, explains the growing trend toward UV disinfection including the advantages for large-scale treatment plants and stormwater treatment.

  2. SCADA Systems Provide Insight To Increase Efficiency

    Glenn Wadden, President of Trihedral, explains how today’s SCADA systems are intuitive to learn for remote plant operators and capable of providing feedback that can reduce cost and increase efficiency.

  3. Ensuring Accurate Water Analysis Measurements

    Jim Cairns, Process Business Manager, and Ricki Hartwell, Global Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific explain the importance of combining the process side and the laboratory side of water analysis.

  4. World’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant Takes On Nutrient Recovery

    David St. Pierre, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, discusses the city’s nutrient recovery program and protecting citizens from stormwater events.

  5. Bioaugmentation Improves WWTP Operations

    Jim Elliot, Vice President of Sales for In-Pipe Technology, explains how bioaugmentation uses good bacteria to protect the environment and lower operating costs for wastewater treatment plants.

  6. Treatment Plant Operator Training

    Steve Walker, Principal Operations Specialist and Jeff Berlin, Senior Project Engineer with Carollo, discuss their WEFTEC presentation “Lessons Learned From Training Today’s Operator: Perspectives For The Engineer.”

  7. Peristaltic Pumps Improve Hose Life And Save Energy

    Marketing Manager Gregg Johnson and Business Development Manager Jim Richard discuss some of the benefits of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s peristaltic pumps over other pump technologies.

  8. San Francisco’s Wastewater Priorities

    Karen Kubick, Wastewater Capital Program Director with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, discusses San Francisco’s wastewater and stormwater needs and how the city’s asset management program is prioritizing green infrastructure, treatment plant upgrades and a new biosolids facility.

  9. Peristaltic Metering Pump Control Leverages The Latest Communications Technology

    Bill McDowell, Sales Engineer with Blue White Industries, explains how communications technology is impacting metering pump control and the possibilities that wireless technology will bring.

  10. Hybrid Blowers: Should WWTPs Believe The Hype?

    In 2010, an energy analysis of the Freeport Wastewater Treatment Facility in southern Maine revealed that the plant had significant inefficiencies in usage. Specifically, the plant’s 30-year-old multistage centrifugal aeration blowers were accounting for as much as 90 percent of electricity consumption.