Stormwater Products And Services

  1. McVan ANALITE NEP390 Series In-Situ Turbidity Sensors
    The ANALITE 390 series of microprocessor based turbidity probes are designed for monitoring and process applications where turbidity levels of up to 1,000NTU may be encountered
  2. McVan ANALITE NEP9000 Series In-situ Turbidity Sensors
    The ANALITE NEP9000 and NEP9500 series of turbidity probes are an enhanced version of our successful ANALITE 190 and 195 series probes. They offer better performance and greater ease of deployment yet are available in exactly the same mechanical package (G version)
  3. Highland Oil Water Separators
    Highland Oil Water Separators (oil water) are designed for the separation of free- floating oil, grease, and settleable oily coated solids from oil water mixtures in wastewater and stormwater
  4. Municipal Wastewater

    Domestic Wastewater contains waste generated by people such as; urine, feces, laundry detergent, and kitchen waste. These wastes are normally carried to the sewer with anywhere from 60 to 150 gallons of water per person per day

  5. Brochure: Erosion Control Solutions
    From erosion control blankets and high performance turf reinforcement mats that have made conventional solutions like riprap virtually obsolete, to the development of a complete line of geotextiles, performance-proven Propex products have earned the unshakeable confidence of civil and environmental construction professionals around the globe
  6. Brochure: Landlok® Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs)
    Unlike loose fiber mulches, LANDLOK Erosion Control Mats. give your projects more dimensionally stable erosion protection that locks seed and soil in place. That stability encourages faster vegetation growth, allowing the root system to establish solid ground support. And we make all our ECBs available with a rapidly degrading net (RD) or a more environmentally friendly jute netting (EN)...
  7. Brochure: Nonwoven Geotextile Brochure
    Made from the highest quality polypropylene fibers, our Geotex® nonwoven geotextiles are needlepunched to form a strong fabric that retains its dimensional stability, adding years to the life of any roadway, railroad, landfill or civil/ environmental engineering project
  8. Brochure: Woven Geotextile Brochure
    Featuring high tensile strengths and low elongations, our Geotex® woven geotextiles have a remarkable capacity for fi ltering soils, distributing loads, reducing rutting and extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways
  9. Spec Sheet: UniScreen Stormwater Treatment System
    The "UniScreen" Stormwater Treatment System offers the performance and advantages of Environment 21 technology, by using a proprietary screen insert to filter Stormwater
  10. Brochure: PuriStorm Stormwater Treatment System
    The “PuriStorm” Stormwater Treatment System provides primary treatment of stormwater using locally available Precast Vaults in conjunction with Environment 21 Media Packs
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