Stormwater Products And Services

  1. Spec Sheet: UniScreen Stormwater Treatment System
    The "UniScreen" Stormwater Treatment System offers the performance and advantages of Environment 21 technology, by using a proprietary screen insert to filter Stormwater
  2. Brochure: PuriStorm Stormwater Treatment System
    The “PuriStorm” Stormwater Treatment System provides primary treatment of stormwater using locally available Precast Vaults in conjunction with Environment 21 Media Packs
  3. PCSWMM For Stormceptor Sizing Program
    PCSWMM for Stormceptor allows you to size the right Stormceptor System to achieve your stormwater quality objectives
  4. ESCALATOR® Fine Screen Brochure

    The Escalator gives continuous fine screening for channel type applications with superior efficiency to slotted and bar screens. This highly vesatile screen is successfully employed in wastewater, stormwater and potable water applications.


    Actiflo™ is a compact process that operates with microsand (Actisand™) as a seed for floc formation. Actisand™ provides surface area that enhances flocculation and also acts as a ballast or weight to aid a rapid settlement

  6. The Inline Stormceptor® Stormwater Treatment System
    The In-Line Stormceptor is our most commonly installed model. The In-Line unit is available in 11 different unit sizes, ranging from 900 to 16,000 gallon storage capacities. Each unit is constructed from precast concrete components and a patented fiberglass insert
  7. CulvertMaster - Culvert Hydraulic Analysis And Design
    Incredibly flexible, fast, report-ready, and stress-free, CulvertMaster builds on the input you have on-hand while providing what you are missing
  8. StormCAD - Storm Sewer Design And Modeling Software
    StormCAD is a comprehensive modeling software program for the design and analysis of storm sewer systems. Its intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to design and analyze storm sewer systems from gutter to outlet
  9. Brochure: Stormwater Management Software
    From site development and municipal projects to permitting and master planning, Haestad Methods stormwater products offer solutions for every aspect of stormwater management
  10. Brochure: Urban Sewer Modeling
    From urban sewer planning, to overflow remediation analysis, to detailed network design, SewerGEMS and SewerCAD are designed to give you more time for engineering
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