Water Industry Features, Insights, & Analysis

  1. 5 Ways To Tell If Your “Rugged” Tablet, Laptop, Or Handheld Is A Knock-Off

    Xplore has been in the rugged mobility business for more than 20 years. In fact, we’re the only manufacturer that has exclusively designed and delivered rugged tablet-based mobility solutions for global industry for more than two decades. So, we know rugged. It isn’t something we “also” do like many other device manufacturers that also build and sell an extensive lineup of non-rugged or desktop computers, or even vacuum cleaners or air conditioners. 

  2. Using Mobility To Build Confidence In Your Service

    Service is a confidence-building exercise in the eyes of your customers, if executed well. For utilities, employees’ actions – or inactions – directly impact customers’ confidence in your organization and the services you provide.

  3. Remote Monitoring For Water Quality And Public Health

    New technology helps utilities meet the challenges of maintaining a safe and adequate public water supply.

  4. Municipal Wastewater Provides A Solution For A Major Chemical Processing Plant

    Water scarcity is requiring large industrial plants to investigate conservation options, including reuse of municipal wastewater effluent, in order to grow sustainably while meeting increased demands for fresh water make-up.

  5. 3 Employee Engagement Challenges Facing The Utilities Industry

    Similar to other deskless industries, there are unique employee engagement challenges facing the utilities industry brought on by advances in technology and a shortage of qualified workers. The latest employee engagement statistics reveal that only 52% of utility workers are engaged. With many changes happening in the industry and an often stressful and even dangerous work environment, it’s no surprise that employee engagement is a challenge.

  6. Using LinkedIn To Position Your Company As A Thought Leader

    This blog is a summary of a presentation I gave at the Water Quality Association’s annual convention in Orlando.

  7. Exploring The Concept Of Reliable Connections

    Launched last year, Mueller’s “Reliable Connections” slogan looks to unite the Company’s customers, engineers, and contractors with its business units, knowledge experts and service offerings in the water industry.

  8. Digitization, Water Concerns, And Smart Meters

    As our society continues to embrace digital technology, it’s fair to say that the world of water utilities will be, a major beneficiary of this revolution.

  9. A Sound Approach To Evaluating NRW Loss And Aging Pipelines

    As water distribution infrastructure ages, the potential for leaks grows and the need for condition-driven asset management increases proportionally. As with so many other aspects of water operations, planning ahead is key. Good system diagnosis using noninvasive procedures provides an accurate and cost-effective assessment of distribution system integrity, just as noninvasive monitoring of heartbeat, pulse, and blood pressure plays an important role in human health.

  10. The Vanguard of Patient Centricity: Patient-Led Clinical Trials

    Amid the AIDS epidemic during the late 80’s, Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, found himself at a crossroads. As a long-time proponent of the traditional “research to approval” drug development model, involving randomized clinical trials and lengthy regulatory reviews, Fauci was faced with the realization that this traditional approach would be of little benefit to AIDS patients without the luxury of time. Something had to be done. But what?