Current Headlines

  1. Calculating Recharge Of Groundwater More Precisely

    A team of international researchers led by University of Freiburg hydrologist Dr. Andreas Hartmann suggests that inclusion of currently missing key hydrological processes in large-scale climate change impact models can significantly improve our estimates of water availability.

  2. San Diego Brewers Tout Recycled Wastewater

    Recycled wastewater has a persuasive marketing ally in San Diego: beer brewers.

  3. Suez Boss Sees Water Becoming More Valuable Than Oil

    Describing the rationale for diving deeper into the industrial water market, the chief executive of water giant Suez Environment is stressing water scarcity as a pressing global problem.

  4. West Virginia Passes Water Pollution Bill

    West Virginia’s House Bill 2506 was voted on earlier this month and opponents have said that it could put West Virginia’s drinking water supply at risk.

  5. GE Recognizes Intel For Its Water Reuse Efforts In Oregon

    GE is honoring Intel Corporation with an Ecomagination Award to celebrate a new water recycling project at Intel’s Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro, Oregon.

  6. Banyan Water Reaches New Milestone: Saves 2.3 Billion Gallons Of Water

    On World Water Day, we are all reminded of the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of freshwater resources. At Banyan Water, we work with partners who, through the power of technology, conserve millions of gallons of water each year.

  7. Xylem Celebrates World Water Day Across The Globe With Launch Of Month-Long Employee Volunteer Challenge

    In celebration of World Water Day, Xylem Inc. is launching a month-long volunteer challenge for Xylem colleagues across the globe to highlight the importance of water and environmental issues. Starting recently and extending through to Earth Day (April 22), the ‘Make Your Mark 30-Day Challenge’ is an initiative of Xylem Watermark, the Company’s corporate citizenship program, through which Xylem colleagues will be able to volunteer to participate in a range of activities to protect safe water resources and educate communities about water-related challenges.

  8. World Water Day - Ten Reasons Why Wastewater Should Not Be ‘Wasted’

    World Water Day is a great time to reflect on how fortunate those of us that have clean, safe, drinking water really are. Much of the world is not so lucky so it is critically important that we think about how we care for our precious, water resources.

  9. World Water Day: Sensus Smart Water System Improves Water Utilization For Utilities And Customers

    As utilities around the world seek to improve water utilization and help their customers become smarter about water usage, Sensus recognizes World Water Day as an essential opportunity to deliver on these goals.

  10. New York Proposes $8B Plan For Clean Drinking Water

    The challenge to keep New York’s drinking water safe for all continues. On March 12, State Senate Republicans made a motion to spend almost $8 billion on clean water and sewer projects.