Current Headlines

  1. Treatment Plant Filters Identified As Source Of Drinking Water Contamination

    University researchers in North Carolina have pointed to an unlikely culprit for water contamination: the treatment filters themselves.

  2. Following Maria, Puerto Rico Facing Severe Sewage Crisis

    Tap water service interruption is only part of the water crisis in Puerto Rico. Another major, related problem is the sewage crisis unfolding at the same time.

  3. Montana Water Quality Researchers Slap Canadian Coal Operation With $1.8 Million Fine

    As an area of Montana struggles with dangerous water contamination, it has taken action against a polluter across the border.

  4. After Wildfires Ravage Town, Utility Wants Rate Increase

    A water utility in Tennessee is seeking a rate hike to offset the cost of making repairs after wildfires ravaged homes and infrastructure in the region.

  5. Following Water Quality Concerns, Fracking Banned From The Delaware River Basin

    In a move that has already draw controversy from either side of the hydraulic fracturing debate, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) has voted to ban the practice from its purview.

  6. For-Profit Water Companies Buying Up Troubled Utilities

    Financial difficulties at public water utilities create an opportunity for for-profit water companies, according to Bloomberg BNA.

  7. Water Environment Federation Urges White House, Congress To Rebuild Resilient Water Infrastructure After Hurricanes

    The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is urging the White House and Congress to provide robust funding and prioritize resilience in rebuilding the water infrastructure in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands that was damaged by the recent hurricanes.

  8. National Association Of Water Companies Names California Water Service, EPCOR USA And New York American Water Winners Of The NAWC Management Innovation Awards

    The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) has named both EPCOR USA and California Water Service as first place winners of the 2017 NAWC Management Innovation Awards.

  9. Water Challenges And Opportunities Focal Points Of 2017 NAWC Water Summit

    This week, private water industry leaders from across the country gathered in Seattle, Washington, for the 2017 NAWC Water Summit. This year’s Summit programming included addressing water infrastructure needs, rate regulation, use of drone technology, and economic and geopolitical trends. 

  10. A Fresh Look At Fresh Water: Researchers Create A 50,000-Lake Database

    Countless numbers of vacationers spent this summer enjoying lakes for swimming, fishing and boating. But are they loving these lakes to death?