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XP Solutions is a leading provider of high performing industry standard software solutions and education devoted to improving our use and understanding of designed infrastructure. Our professional engineers and software development professionals are experts in their fields, and are dedicated to helping our customers succeed in their project work. XP Solutions clients, ranging from small engineering firms to worldwide professional service companies to government agencies, have used our software to design, model, analyze and sustain our global infrastructure with confidence for nearly 40 years.

Flood Improvement And LID Modeling Using XP‐SWMM   XPWater: Pressurized System Modeling Software   Dam Breach & Emergency Action Plans
Flood Improvement And LID Modeling Using XP‐SWMM   XPWater: Pressurized System Modeling Software   Dam Breach & Emergency Action Plans



<B>xpdrainage:</b> Automated Sustainable Stormwater Design Software xpdrainage: Automated Sustainable Stormwater Design Software

Automate the sizing of sustainable stormwater systems and clearly visualize your design.

<B>xpswmm</b>, Dynamic Storm Water & Wastewater Model xpswmm, Dynamic Storm Water & Wastewater Model

xpswmm is a comprehensive software package for dynamic modeling of stormwater, river systems, floodplains and  sanitary or combined systems.  It combines one-dimensional (1D) calculations for upstream to downstream flow with two-dimensional (2D) overland flow calculations so that you can see what truly happens to your stormwater or sewer system when waters flow, populations increase or catastrophic events hit.

<B>xpstorm</b>, Dynamic Storm Water Model xpstorm, Dynamic Storm Water Model

xpstorm is a versatile software package for dynamic modeling of urban stormwater systems, river systems and floodplains including ponds, rivers, lakes, floodplains and interaction with groundwater. This combined 1-dimensional (for upstream to downstream flow) and 2-dimensional (for flow over land) software is widely used by private consultants and public agencies responsible for stormwater and flooding regulation, xpstorm is one of the most stable and well-accepted modeling and design packages in the world, and has been tested and approved for use by the United States FEMA and UK Environment Agency.


<B>Micro Drainage</b> Micro Drainage

Micro Drainage software enables sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS, WSUDS, LIDs) to be designed, audited and tested for exceedance.

<B>xpwater:</b> Pressurized System Modeling Software xpwater: Pressurized System Modeling Software

Simplified hydraulic model creation for high performance analyses and reporting.

<B>xprafts</b>, Urban & Rural Runoff Routing Model (Australia Only) xprafts, Urban & Rural Runoff Routing Model (Australia Only)

The RAFTS water resources engineering software has been used in the analysis and management of both urban and rural watersheds and in the design of flood protection systems and the analysis of river systems for over 30 years.

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  • Every Drop Counts — A Call To Innovation
    Every Drop Counts — A Call To Innovation

    A Request for Startups post on January 3rd on the Y Combinator Blog caught my eye. The blogger talked about the need to prepare for things to get worse with regard to climate change, and called for applications for funding from those working on new technologies that could inexpensively produce clean water.

  • Rise Of The Stormwater Design Machines? I Don’t Think So.
    Rise Of The Stormwater Design Machines? I Don’t Think So.

    Conversation at the 2016 SESWA Stormwater BMPs, LID and Green Infrastructure Seminar in Atlanta GA that I attended recently touched upon the idea of computers taking our jobs and ‘Engineering Bots’. This has of course happened in other industries, but I didn’t anticipate it happening in the stormwater planning, design and management world.

  • Get More Out of Water Resources Engineering Models
    Get More Out of Water Resources Engineering Models

    The effort required to develop water resources engineering models can be significant. But once developed, in many instances the models are only evaluated for a limited, or a single set of conditions. The results and predictions obtained from these evaluations are the ones used in design, presented in reports and conveyed to decision makers and the public.

  • XP Solutions Revolutionizes The Stormwater Design Process With XPDRAINAGE 2017: Automated Stormwater Design With CAD Integration

    XP Solutions, a world leading provider of environmental engineering software solutions that instill confidence, proudly announces the release of XPDRAINAGE 2017.

  • Your Water System Is Not Cold, Lifeless Pipes; It Acts And Reacts To Everything It Sees
    Your Water System Is Not Cold, Lifeless Pipes; It Acts And Reacts To Everything It Sees

    You may have heard about the tragedy in Flint, Michigan — but to keep everyone on the same page the water in that system has turned toxic.

  • Is 'Going By The Book' Enough For Flood Mitigation?
    Is 'Going By The Book' Enough For Flood Mitigation?

    Living near water requires that we plan for situations when we have too much of it. Throughout history we have dealt with flooding when weather events exceed “normal” parameters.

  • Things To Consider In Detention Basin Design
    Things To Consider In Detention Basin Design

    XP Solutions in Brisbane recently presented a webinar on the design of detention basins. In response to the session, the support team were asked a number of questions on some of the other options that are available to engineers and designers of these systems as well as specific requirements that may need to be addressed. The following items apply within the Australian context but are applicable across the world.

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Established in 1974, XP Solutions is a world leading provider of industry standard sustainable drainage and flood hazard software for the civil engineering and environmental sectors. Our reliable software technology and professional solutions are used every day around the world by government agencies, engineering companies and environmental management organizations to plan, design, simulate and manage the impact of human interaction with the natural world.

XP Solutions brings nearly 40 years of experience in developing and supporting professional software systems devoted to improving our use and understanding of water resources, and has expanded its expertise to include a broader scope of designed infrastructure. From designing drainage systems and managing water quality, to mapping flood risk and emergency response and road and site design, our solutions provide our clients with the efficient tools needed to promote safer communities, sustain ecosystems, optimize infrastructure investment, and manage environmental impact.

Our Clients
XP Solutions is devoted to developing tools that allow our clients to succeed in their project work. Our clients range from small engineering firms where one or two engineers provide site planning and drainage design, to global professional service companies that have teams of hundreds providing water resource management and environmental services, to governmental agencies charged with regulating and protecting the infrastucture of the world.

When you work with us, you will find that we are committed to more than providing a product; we are committed to earning your confidence through advancing technology, supportive relationship and problem-solving solutions.

Our People

XP Solutions is comprised of professional engineers, accomplished software development professionals, and dedicated client service managers – all armed with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience working together to provide solutions to our clients. With company teams in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom, augmented by distributors around the world and a network of professional research and development associations, our people possess the expertise and innovation built into each of our software solutions.

Dam Breach & Emergency Action Plans

By Michael Crenshaw, P.E., CFM
Storm and Flood Products Manager

The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency are critical.  A practical Emergency Action Plan comes from a reasonable risk assessment to identify potential emergency scenarios.   XP Solutions Engineers look at the assessment of dam/levee breach scenarios, floods and Emergency Action Planning through effective modeling.

Coupled 1D/2D Modeling Tools for Single-Event Stormwater & Floodplain Management Applications
by Daniel Parsons, P.E., CFM
Project Engineer at
Interflow Engineering LLC

xpsite3D Webinar

Learn about our exciting new site and road design software package. xpsite3D, which can be a standalone tool or compliment to existing CAD packages, has been developed over the past four decades by engineers who use the software.  This webinar reviews some of the many time-saving and automated tools for road system, junction and roundabout design as well as inevitable design review. You will also see a demonstration of the fully engineered outputs and visualisation tools.

Detailed 1D/2D Modeling Webinar

By Ryan Retzlaff
Senior Water Resources Designer at Cardno WRG

An application of 1D/2D modeling in Josephine County, Oregon with a detailed discussion of the 1D and 2D interaction across the entire study area. This case study contains a 1D element which floods, travels over land in the 2D domain, then enters a different 1D element. This occurs over and over with 6 different 1D elements. So if one drop of water was followed, theoretically it could move from the original 1D element and in and out of five additional elements while crossing over the 2D domain in between. The study was completed as part of a stormwater masterplan and therefore includes all major elements across the entire catchment. 

Linked Surface And Subsurface Modeling Webinar
Presented by Tom Ryan, P.E., Senior Project Manager at RBF Consulting, a Baker Company

Surface flood modeling within urbanized areas has traditionally been performed using 1-D modeling techniques, i.e. HECRAS modeling for FIRM preparations. The recent implementation of 2D surface flow modeling has allowed urbanized areas to be modeled more accurately, but lack the subsurface drainage infrastructure interface.
Click here to view the webinar.

Dam/Levee Breach Modeling
presented by Colby Manwaring, P.E.
101MB, 0:54:34

A discussion of xp2D’s capabilities to assist in emergency action planning and flood mapping of levy breaches, dam breaches and catastrophic pipeline / canal failures.
Click for video and resources.

FEMA Floodplain Mapping Recorded Webinar
presented by Colby Manwaring, P.E.

This webinar discusses tools for flood mapping from 1D and 2D modeling including:

  • Generation of profile plots and cross section plots
  • Tools and processes for exporting 1D and 1D/2D flood extent results to CAD/GIS for DFIRM mapping
  • Fully automated 1D/2D flood extent mapping and Base Flood Elevation (BFE) generation.

Join XP Solutions Engineers for free online seminars to discuss important water resources issues, or view recorded presentations.