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UGSI Solutions provides chemical feed and water disinfection technologies to municipal and industrial clients.

With a history that reaches back over 100 years, UGSI Solutions combines iconic brands such as Encore® metering pumps, Varea-Meter® flow meters, Polyblend®, Dynablend™ and Dynajet™ polymer activation systems along with today’s cutting-edge water quality technologies such as Microclor® on-site hypochlorite generation, Monoclor® RCS disinfectant residual management, PAX TRS™ THM removal systems, and the PAX Mixers and Tank Shark® reservoir mixing systems. Tens of thousands of installations validate our experience and know-how in the area of chemical feed and disinfection. UGSI Solutions makes your chemicals work harder for you.


Microclor® On-Site Hypochlorite Generation System Microclor® On-Site Hypochlorite Generation System

Microclor® On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) is the safe, reliable and sustainable solution for water or wastewater disinfection.

Monoclor® RCS Chloramine Residual Management System Monoclor® RCS Chloramine Residual Management System

The Monoclor® RCS chloramine management system generates a constant and reliable chloramine residual within the reservoir by creating a homogeneous mixture, introducing chemicals rationally and monitoring the equilibrium with control logic in real time. The system accomplishes all of this with a selection of mixing technologies.

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Encore® Chemical Metering Pumps Encore® Chemical Metering Pumps

Encore® 700 metering pumps, recognized throughout the industry for their longevity, reliability and accuracy, are one of several types of metering pumps with integrated controls capabilities, including solenoid-driven, mechanically actuated, hydraulically actuated and peristaltic pumps, as well as integrated dosing and controls packaged systems for municipal and industrial markets offered by UGSI Chemical Feed. UGSI Chemical Feed has built a metering pump selection tool to help users determine the best pump choice given inputs such as chemical to be metered, flow and pressure. In addition, the Encore® 700 pumps are now certified to NSF/ANSI 61 standards for use in drinking water applications.

Polyblend® Polymer Activation Systems Polyblend® Polymer Activation Systems

Since its 1972 introduction, our Polyblend® Series has become a world leader in automated polymer feed systems. Chemists will continue to refine existing polymers and develop new ones, just as they have for more than 35 years. Operators should demand a polymer feeder that can keep up with breakthroughs in polymer technology for years to come.

Dynablend™ Liquid Polymer Blending Systems Dynablend™ Liquid Polymer Blending Systems

Dynablend™ liquid polymer blending systems are proven to be the most effective and reliable hydraulic polymer activation technology. The L4 and L6 are the smallest Dynablend units and the use of a peristaltic pump makes them the most economical of the Dynablend™ blending system. Patented Hydroaction technology follows the science of polymer activation. Two-stage mixing with the highest energy applied first at the moment of initial wetting (MIOW) followed by a "quiescent" zone allowing for more gentle activation as polymer science dictates.

Dynajet™ Dry Polymer Blending System Dynajet™ Dry Polymer Blending System

Compact, high performance dry chemical blending system utilizes blower-assisted conveyance system to transport and disperse the dry polymer prior to wetting. The wetting technology reduces plugging. The equipment is built from stainless steel to withstand extreme conditions and harsh environments.

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Water Tank Mixing Systems Water Tank Mixing Systems

PAX Water Technologies is the leading manufacturer of technologies that improve water quality in storage tanks and in water distribution systems. With an install base of thousands of units worldwide and an average fleet age of over seven years, PAX Mixers™ are the most frequently specified mixing system by consulting engineers and municipal water system operators.

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The PAX TRS™ Trihalomethane Removal System is a custom-designed, energy-optimized system of mixers, aerators and ventilators that converts ordinary water storage tanks into water treatment systems. Unlike other treatment technologies for lowering THM levels (involving large-scale changes to water treatment plants), PAX TRS™ can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively – targeting locations in the water distribution system where THMs are the highest.

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Polyblend® Sizing Guide
Use the Polyblend® Sizing Guide to generate a Polyblend® polymer activation system recommendation for liquid polymer types, flows and applications.

Encore® E/M/S Pump Selection Guide
Use the Encore® E/M/S Pump Selection Guide to determine which model to use for a specific chemical metering application.

Encore® 700 Pump Sizing Tool
Use the Encore® 700 Pump Sizing Tool to configure a recommendation for the most reliable chemical metering pump on the market.


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  • New Trends In Mixing Technology For Water And Wastewater
    New Trends In Mixing Technology For Water And Wastewater

    Polymers used in wastewater treatment represent one of the most expensive operating costs for municipalities. By providing an optimal environment for the activation of these polymers, plants can improve efficiency by as much as 20 percent or more. At the same time, drinking water plant managers face enormous pressure to control the disinfection residual. In this Water Talk interview, Matt Boeh, director of sales for UGSI Chemical Feed, discusses the advanced mixing technologies that can be used to improve polymer usage as well as address drinking water quality issues in distribution systems.

  • Polymer Activation And Onsite Hypochlorite Generation
    Polymer Activation And Onsite Hypochlorite Generation

    Polymer activation through proper hydration of the polymer particle is critical in water clarification or sludge dewatering applications. According to Jeff Rhodes, Vice President of Commercial Development for UGSI Solutions, “the key is to have a high energy zone at the moment of initial welding, when the polymer and the water come together.”


  • Finding Your Next Chemical Metering Pump
    Finding Your Next Chemical Metering Pump

    There are plenty of bells and whistles at a given water treatment plant. Between pumps, mixers, dry chemical feeders, and other chemical handling equipment, it can be easy to go with the status quo when it comes time to upgrade certain pieces of equipment. For an operation’s chemical metering pumps, this usually meant replacing one unit with its exact replica, instead of facing the often arduous task of researching a better option.



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