3M is a leading independent supplier of high quality microporous membrane and membrane devices that customers recognize as reliable, technically innovative separation solutions in microfiltration, ultrafiltration and gas transfer applications.

As pioneers in developing separation solutions using membrane technology, 3M membranes and devices are have been used in industrial liquid processes around the world for more than 40 years. Common industries include:

  • Process and drinking water
  • Pharmaceutical & medical products
  • Biotechnology
  • Food & beverage
  • Microelectronics
  • Power & steam generation
  • Inks & Coatings

3M membrane and membrane devices include ultrafiltration modules, products for dissolved gas control in process liquids, and OEM membrane that is integrated into filtration devices.

3M’s membrane contactors for degassing can lower operating and maintenance costs of process water systems by reducing dissolved gases in applications, such as lowering resin regeneration frequency by removing the dissolved CO2 that loads the mixed beds. Membrane deaeration is also used to strip dissolved oxygen from make-up and feedwater to prevent corrosion and reduce fuel consumption by lowering steam deaerator vent rates. There are many other applications where dissolved gas control with gas transfer membranes can reduce operating costs.

3M’s Ultrafiltration modules can enable more economical system designs due to the high filtration surface area in each module. Microfiltration modules are used in wine clarification can eliminate several filtrations process steps that reduce operating cost with minimal impact on wine quality.

Multiple OEM membrane options with high throughput and retention characteristics are also available for integration into end use filtration devices.


3M Brands for Industrial & Specialty Filtration

Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors   Liqui-Flux®Ultrafiltration   OEM Membrane

Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors


Liqui-Flux® Ultrafiltration


OEM Membrane


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Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors


Webinar: Dissolved Gas Control in Industrial Water Treatment Processes



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Select dissolved gas control products are available for immediate purchase through the online store.



Advanced Dissolved Gas Control Advanced Dissolved Gas Control

Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors can reduce operating costs, lower maintenance, and simplify dissolved gas control using a small device that enables high performance and compact system design.

MiniModule® Degasifier MiniModule® Degasifier

MiniModule® products can save the time and expense associated with inaccurate analyser readings in laboratories and testing facilities by removing dissolved gases from water and other fluids. By removing air, these devices also prevent bubble formation which can potentially alter to composition of the solution be analysed.

Robust Ultrafiltration Modules With Up To 91m<sup>2</sup> Membrane Surface Area And Flexible Connection Options Robust Ultrafiltration Modules With Up To 91m2 Membrane Surface Area And Flexible Connection Options

Liqui-Flux® Water Modules - Economical Reliability in Ultrafiltration

Microfiltration Performance That Maintains Wine Quality Microfiltration Performance That Maintains Wine Quality

Liqui-Flux - Modules are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials to meet various needs in beverage clarification.

Quality OEM Membrane Filtration Products For Integration Into End-User Filtration Devices Quality OEM Membrane Filtration Products For Integration Into End-User Filtration Devices

MicroPES® and DuraPES® membranes are high performance, asymmetric membranes. These membranes, which show excellent retention characteristics and high throughput, are used in many microfiltration applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food & beverage, microelectronics and chemical industries.







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