Innovyze: empowering water experts

Innovyze empowers water professionals around the world to create, manage, and maintain water services using our water infrastructure data analytics software. Thousands of customers globally use our solutions for: 

  • Modeling catchments, water distribution networks, and wastewater networks 
  • Designing, managing, operating, monitoring, and optimizing clean and wastewater networks 
  • Managing, recording, and maintaining water assets 
  • Making good decisions supported by insights from data

Our 3,000+ customers in over 50 countries include the majority of the largest UK, North American and APAC cities, the foremost utilities on five continents, ENR top-rated design firms, and environmental and engineering consultancies. We’re passionate about providing the solutions our customers need, and their feedback influences the development direction of our software. Our customers trust us to help them make potentially life-saving decisions – and we never lose sight of the importance of this. We’re here to help: we offer training and comprehensive support to users, and share our expertise through webinars that qualify as professional development hours.

Colby Manwaring, CEO, says: “We’re innovative, we’re bold, and we think differently. Because of this we deliver high-performance products. We have tools and automated workflows that nobody else has thought of. Our product teams continue to deliver at high speed, so we stay in the leading position in the market.”






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