News | November 2, 2017

ZWEEC Analytics And Optiqua Technologies Enter Into A Strategic Partnership Offering An Integrated Solution For Early Detection Of Water Quality Incidents

ZWEEC Analytics and Optiqua Technologies recently announced their strategic partnership in which they will combine their intelligent water quality monitoring platforms in order to provide their clients with a superior solution for early detection of water quality incidents.

Both ZWEEC’s bio-monitor and Optiqua’s optical sensor platform are based on patented and awarded technologies that provide unique benefits over traditional monitoring solutions. ZWEEC’s AquaTEC uses intelligent visual surveillance to give a quick indication of water contaminations, and their toxicity, through analyzing the swimming patterns and behavior of fish in a group. Optiqua’s EventLab is a real time continuous monitoring solution based on refractive index measurements (RI) that strongly outperforms any traditional sensor technology for the purpose of overall water quality monitoring and contamination detection.

Combined into the new AquaTEC concept the integrated solution offers an intelligent early warning system that captures any relevant change in the water quality while providing real time information on the toxicity status of water quality incidents. Available as a networked solution with primary and secondary monitoring nodes it combines unparalleled detection capabilities with track and trace of contaminations in an economically feasible solution. Profiling incidents in toxic/ non-toxic categories allow for the development of optimized response protocols. The combined solution has a wide range of applications including the monitoring of water quality at treatment plants and in industrial applications, monitoring of drinking water quality in distribution networks and monitoring the water quality of rivers and lakes.

The partnership also includes a close commercial collaboration between the companies, optimizing commercial synergies and making use of the complementary geographical presence and client bases in Asia Pacific and Europe. An important focus market for the combined product offering will be China, where ZWEEC has already established a direct local presence and client base.

Melchior van Wijlen, Managing Director Optiqua said, ‘Through this strategic partnership we will be able to reach more clients with a larger and even better product offering. It really combines the best of both worlds and it will help our clients to optimize their water quality monitoring and response protocols. We are very excited about the opportunity to work with such a professional team as ZWEEC and the important commercial opportunities it presents to our companies’.

Said Mr Liaw Kok Eng, CEO of ZWEEC Analytics: ‘By combining our solutions, we will be able to offer our customers a more comprehensive approach to early event detection. The new integrated AquaTEC concept is a unique and efficient contamination detection solution and will be key to our large-scale international roll-out strategy. We look forward to start this strategic collaboration with Optiqua’.

About ZWEEC Analytics
ZWEEC Analytics is a leading technology-based company from Singapore, focused on creating innovative technology solutions for various industries and applications. Birthed with strong technology foundations as a spin-off from A*STAR (Singapore’s Science, Technology and Research Agency), ZWEEC continuously keeps abreast of technology developments in the global scene. It carries out research and advancements for its data analytics solutions for the environment, water resources and safety and security needs to drive its innovative edge at the forefront. Its business-centric management team has pushed its easy to apply and scalable technologies into multiple industries. Always looking beyond boundaries, ZWEEC’s team of experts dream boldly and innovate tirelessly to deliver and exciting vision for tomorrow. For more information, visit

About Optiqua Technologies
Optiqua Technologies develops innovative water quality monitoring solutions. All Optiqua products leverage Optiqua’s patented and awarded lab-on-chip sensor technology. Applications of Optiqua’s products include real-time online monitoring of drinking water supply and distribution, surface water monitoring, protection of critical infrastructures and the rapid detection of specific substances in water samples. Based in the Netherlands and Singapore, Optiqua helps water companies around the world safeguard the quality of their drinking water supply. For more information, visit