News | February 24, 2014

YouTube Video From ABB Covers Navigator 600 Analyzers For Power Plants

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics
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Warminster, PA - Narrated 7.5 minute video explains the advantages and benefits of The ABB Navigator 600 series of analyzers for power plants. The video first mentions all the kinds of ABB measurement products that may be applied in power generation plants. In the case of analyzers, critical water parameters monitored include silica, phosphate, sodium, dissolved oxygen, hydrazine, and ammonia.

The video then covers four topics related to the Navigator 600 range for power plants: what it is; how it works; how it's different; and model varieties. Continuing, the video details the capabilities and benefits of the Navigator 600 analyzers for specifically measuring silica and phosphate. Both analyzers use molybdenum blue chemistry for continuous monitoring of concentrations.

According to the video, Navigator 600 analyzers feature the lowest reagent consumption and offer three months unattended operation. They can measure up to six sample streams and take just five minutes a year to maintain. Applications mentioned include demineralization plants, boiler drums, condensate ion exchange polishing units, and phosphate dosing. To view the ABB video," The new Navigator 600 series," click here.

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SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics