xprafts, Urban & Rural Runoff Routing Model (Australia Only)

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The RAFTS water resources engineering software has been used in the analysis and management of both urban and rural watersheds and in the design of flood protection systems and the analysis of river systems for over 30 years.

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Why use xprafts from XP Solutions?
The RAFTS water resources engineering software has been used in the analysis and management of both urban and rural watersheds and in the design of flood protection systems and the analysis of river systems for over 30 years. xprafts has improved upon the original with additional features and enhancements that will revolutionize your urban and rural storm water drainage practise by easily and accurately analysing rainfall and runoff in mixed land use watersheds.

xprafts applications include smaller urban drainage systems with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) practises and the formulation of both on-site detentions systems up to large retarding basins and channel/pipe systems.

Additionally, xprafts now incorporates LID and WSUD guidelines such as roof water tanks, allowing engineers to design their stormwater management systems with intelligent and environmentally sensitive site design features.

xprafts from XP Solutions is a robust runoff routing model that is used extensively throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of storm water drainage and conveyance systems. xprafts uses the Laurenson non-linear runoff routing procedure to develop a subcatchment stormwater runoff hydrograph from either an actual event (recorded rainfall time series) or design storm utilizing Intensity-Frequency-Duration data together with dimensionless storm temporal patterns as well as standard AR&R 1987 data.

xprafts v7.0 provides the same productivity realised in earlier versions, with many additional features and benefits not available in previous releases.

Three levels of hydraulic routing are possible. Manning's formula based lagging in pipes and channels, the Muskingum-Cunge procedure to route hydrographs through channel or river reaches, or the hydrographs may be transferred to xpstorm or xpswmm for dynamic simulation modelling.

xprafts allows you to work with your CAD drawings to create a scaled view of the drainage basin being considered. A detailed base map may be used and the drainage network created as a layer on top of your existing map.

xprafts allows Best Management Practices (BMP's) such as advanced Onsite Detention (OSD) as well as roof water tank consideration and analysis. It is suitable for application on catchments ranging from rural to fully urbanised. There is no limitation on catchment size, as it has been successfully used for on-site detention of individual lots and on catchments ranging in area from a few square meters to 20,000 km2.

The program is capable of analysing watersheds comprising of natural waterways, formalised channels, pipes, retarding and retention basins, or any combination of these elements.

Many outlet structures can be utilized including:

  • Circular pipe culverts
  • Rectangular box culverts
  • Broad crested weirs
  • Sharp crested weirs
  • Ogee weirs
  • Erodible weirs
  • Multi-level weirs
  • High level outlets
  • Rating curve outlets
  • Evaporation
  • Infiltration

xprafts can evaluate the effects of floods on major storage dams as well as the effect of a dam break on a watershed. xprafts can also be used to facilitate flow forecasting and subsequent floodplain management activities.

xprafts provides detailed graphs of rainfall, rainfall excess, hydrographs including total and local components of the hydrographs. Stage history and storage history are also available for any pond or basin in the drainage system. xprafts from XP Solutions utilises comprehensive tabular reports which may be generated for both the hydrology and the hydraulic results and data.

xprafts takes advantage of Microsoft's Windows facilities and the 32 bit upgrade of the RAFTS analysis engine to allow far larger system analysis over long continuous simulation periods. Version 7.0 works in both Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems.

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