Datasheet | March 9, 2009

Technical Overview: xprafts

Source: Innovyze

Why use xprafts from XP Software?
The RAFTS water resources engineering software has been used in the analysis and management of both urban and rural watersheds and in the design of flood protection systems and the analysis of river systems for over 30 years. xprafts has improved upon the original with additional features and enhancements that will revolutionize your urban and rural storm water drainage practise by easily and accurately analysing rainfall and runoff in mixed land use watersheds.

xprafts applications include smaller urban drainage systems with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) practises and the formulation of both on-site detentions systems up to large retarding basins and channel/pipe systems.

Additionally, xprafts now incorporates LID and WSUD guidelines such as roof water tanks, allowing engineers to design their stormwater management systems with intelligent and environmentally sensitive site design features.