Brochure | October 26, 2016

Within Minutes, 2nd Generation ATP® Tests Answer The Question "Am I In Control?" BUT … What If The Answer Is "No"?

Source: LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.
Within Minutes, 2nd Generation ATP Tests Answer The Question “Am I In Control?”

With many DNA measurement and sequencing service providers on the market today, why did LuminUltra chose Microbe Detectives? Because they offer MORE data. They’ll not only tell you ‘who’ is in your sample – they will also provide a report detailing what the presence of those microorganisms means for your application and what you can do about any challenges that are identified.

Wastewater applications include:
Nutrient Removal
Foaming/Filament Control
Anaerobic Digester Gas Production

Drinking Water applications include:
Source water investigations
Pre-treatment assessment
Distribution system surveys