Wireless Underground Monitoring

Source: Telog, A Trimble Company


The Ru-32 & Ru-32m provide real-time monitoring and alarming of pressure and flow sensors found in the harsh environments of water distribution systems. Using a single, 3.6V lithium battery for power, the units are capable of automatically monitoring pressure, flows and PRVs. Data is forwarded wirelessly to a host computer operating Telog host application software.

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Telog’s Ru-32 & Ru-32m RTUs (Recording Telemetry Units) provide real-time monitoring and alarming of pressure and flow sensors in harsh underground environments typical of water distribution systems.

The Ru-32 is a versatile, five channel RTU that can be supplied with one or two pressure sensors and can additionally interface up to two digital inputs (pulse and/or event) and one analog voltage or potentiometer input. Applications include water system pressures, underground water level, mag meters, Pressure Reducing Valves (flow and pressure) and Pressure Relief Valves.

The Ru-32m includes all the functions of the Ru-32 and adds two additional inputs for capturing the encoded register reading of single or dual water meters such as master meters and compound meters.

The Ru-32/Ru-32m is provided with the Telog WM/C cellular m2m modem which is certified on the Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks in the US and the Bell Mobility network in Canada. Internationally, the unit may be provided with the Telog WM/G modem for operation on GSM networks.

The RTU consumes very little power when sampling and recording data and energizes its modem only when pushing data up to its host computer. Powered by a user replaceable D cell lithium battery, the Ru-32/Ru-32m can operate up to five years when sampling two pressure sensors every 10 seconds and transferring data on average twice per day.

The unit is provided with a panel mount TNC coax connector and will support a variety of certified antennas; see Choosing an Antenna application note at All connectors and fittings are watertight and the product is environmentally rated IP67 to 3 meters of depth.

You can configure the Ru-32/Ru-32m to call its host application on a schedule (e.g. once per day; every four hours, etc.) and/or on alarm (e.g. in response to a high or low pressure or level excedance condition). The recorder can sample the pressure sensor up to four times/second and store the data statistics (min, average, maximum or totals) at user defined intervals (e.g. five minutes, one minute, etc.). Data loss is not a concern because the recorder stores over 80,000 interval statistics before overwriting the oldest data with new.

Telog Enterprise and Telogers for Windows host application software support the Ru-32. However, Telog also offers a Data Hosting Service for users who prefer to outsource the computer data collection and management tasks providing end-use information on a secure website.

Water System Monitoring:

  • Water Meter Encoded Registers
  • Compound Water Meters
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • PRVs
  • Water Vault Level

Communicate Via:

  • CellularM2M
  • Local connection

Powered By:

  • D Cell lithium battery
  • External DC option

Other Features:

  • Alarm notification
  • Up to five years battery life
  • Burial antenna option
  • IP67 Submersible enclosure  
  • Web application software

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