Application Note

Wireless PRV Monitoring Application Note

Source: Trimble Water
Wireless PRV Monitoring


Pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are used throughout water distribution systems to reduce pipeline pressure to a predetermined set point. This decreases water loss and prevents pipe breaks.

Over time, PRVs wear and lose their calibration settings. Early detection of the valve’s improper operation will ensure system pressures are maintained throughout the system under all flow conditions.

Trimble Telog offers a high performance RTU to monitor PRVs, providing historic performance data, real-time alarms and computation of flow through the valve.

Key features of the Trimble Telog PRV monitoring application include:

  • Wireless data retrieval via cellular networks
  • Battery powered RTU operation
  • Submersible RTU enclosure
  • Inlet, outlet and differential pressure monitoring
  • PRV flow computation and totals
  • Real-time alarms and historic tend data
  • Easy installation