Case Study

WIMS Offers A Winning Solution In Columbia, SC

Source: Hach
WIMS Offers A Winning Solution

Back in 2012, the City Of Columbia made the decision to update its OPS SQL software to Hach WIMS (water information management system). The old software was not only sitting idle, but was also out of date. The reasons for updating and implementing the software were many but can be summarized with the two primary goals: To collect the data into a central database that is easily accessible and to create a dashboard from which the rotating operations teams or management could quickly understand what was happening. Madeline Zimmerman, a senior staff Assistant with operating experience, and David Wiman, the operations supervisor, were the city champions for this endeavor.

After more than a year of coordinating Metro management and staff, Hach WIMS support staff, and city IT staff, WIMS began to take shape. Read the full case study to learn more.