Newsletter | November 19, 2021

11.19.21 -- Why Has The U.S. Been So Slow To Adopt AI Tools?

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Water Innovations
Selected Editorial From The Latest Water Innovations:
The Future Of Wastewater: Why Has The U.S. Been So Slow To Adopt AI Tools?
By Caco Gilead Baibich
Wastewater analytics are already being used around the world to monitor contamination, optimize treatment processes, and catch environmental scofflaws. So why has the U.S. been so slow to adopt these technologies?
9 Benefits Of IoT-Based Water-Level Monitoring
By Sanjeev Verma
With the dearth of quality source water a major and worsening issue for utilities and industry, water-level monitoring is paramount for successful operations — as is stepping up to IoT technology
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Water Innovations
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