Article | November 9, 2010

What You Didn't Expect: Aerators Offer More Benefits Than Just Clean Water And Aesthetics

Source: Otterbine Barebo, Inc.

By Robin Bio, Marketing Coordinator

A natural, environmentally safe, and cost-efficient way to ensure that your pond maintains a healthy, aerobic state is through the use of aeration systems. They work to increase oxygen levels and circulate water which breaks up thermal stratification, extends the life cycle of the pond, and keeps water clear, odor-free, and the nutrient levels low. In addition, surface spray aerating fountains also break up stagnant water and discourage insect breeding.

If you're in the market for an aeration system, there are several factors to consider before making the final purchase. What the total package includes, payment options, warranty, locality of service centers, and safety labeling should all be of particular concern, as well as available product accessories. This includes the number of spray patterns available (where applicable,) decorative float covers, and light fixtures availability.