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11.16.21 -- What Can Utilities Do About Supply Chain Disruptions?; The Contractor's Song


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AFC SEMPER Remote Pressure Monitor
The AFC SEMPER remote pressure monitor (RPM) featuring "Lift & Shift" capability is an ideal solution for pressure concerns, fire flow testing, and hydraulic model calibration. This flexible installation method allows the use of a smaller number of units to cover a large area with the advantage of allowing utilities to move their RTUs quickly and easily without having to reconfigure the application or retrofit existing assets.
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AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company
Metering Ball Valve Type 523
The new design of this valve, which is based on the ball valve 546, facilitates the metering of the smallest quantities of media, and can be used for sampling. The newly developed metering ball valve is available in two dimensions — DN10 and DN15 — and comes with a new scale and display.
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GF Piping Systems
Product Portfolio Overview

At Master Meter, we are focused on the future of water management. Whether you’re serving small rural populations or major metropolitan areas, delivering water only or provisioning combination utilities, Master Meter is your partner to deliver game-changing results across finance, customer service, and utility operations.

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Master Meter, Inc.
Remove, separate, classify, and wash wastewater and process solids at a range of municipal and industrial treatment plants. The TeaCup is a high-performance accelerated gravity grit removal system that has set the standard for high-performance headworks grit management since 1976.
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Hydro International
RTP Scrubbers
Fiberglass scrubbers are used for industrial cleaning and filtering processes. When you work with Plas-Tanks you will experience many advantages.
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Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc.
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City of St. Cloud Relies On Thermal Flow Meters For Digester Biofuel Co-Gen Power Process

The City of St. Cloud, MN, straddles the Mississippi River near the center of the state, a little more than 65 miles north of the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. The city’s forward-thinking staff began looking for sustainable green energy solutions in 2003. After planning and initiating a series of projects over several years, the site is today producing renewable energy with a 20-kW rooftop solar array, a 220-kW solar array, and biofuels electricity generation.

Infrastructure Modernized: Employing Digital Solutions To Optimize Water Industry Resources

The national conversation around infrastructure and water quality has only expanded in the last several years. Thankfully, infrastructure has largely been a bipartisan issue, and it’s become increasingly clear that federal lawmakers are prepared to put significant dollars behind ensuring our country’s water infrastructure is up to date and our drinking water is clean.

Video: Bidirectional Jet Aerator — Mixing Pattern

KLa Systems has successfully started up a jet aeration system for a food processor in the Midwest. The jet aeration system is designed to deliver 32,000 lbs/day of oxygen to a three-basin activated sludge process. Each basin has a volume of 500,000 gallons and contains two bidirectional jet manifold aerators. Jet motive flow is delivered to each aerator via a 25-HP submersible pump and the air delivery system consists of three 150-HP centrifugal blowers.

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