Wet Wipes Clog Sewer Systems

Source: Aqualitec Corp.
Wet Wipes Clog Sewer Systems

Wet wipes, and premoistened personal wipes, now ubiquitous alongside toilet tissue in the supermarket aisle, are causing problems for wastewater plant managers. They are incompatible with sewage treatment technology and they’re forced to spend the millions of dollars each year to pull gobs of wipes out of their systems.

Aqualitech has been successfully manufacturing screening equipment in France and in Europe for over 25 years, and in 2009, decided to establish a U.S.-based division. Their equipment is designed to remove solids of all sizes from the wastewater stream, ideally before it gets into the treatment plant.

In 2009, Aqualitec got in touch with Mendocino Sanitary District which had trouble dealing with wipes. With no bar screen at their headworks, they were finding wipes all over the plant. “The handful of guys who were responsible for maintaining this facility were spending an inordinate amount of time taking down pumps, aeration equipment, and simply removing this debris, before they could get their equipment back up and performing properly,” Greg Tovar, Regional Sales Representative for Aqualitech, told Water Online Radio in an interview.

The wipes were especially damaging to the blowers. They were looking to install a bar screen, but had difficulties finding one because of the specific footprint – a deep and narrow vault.

Click the radio player below to hear Tovar discuss how the Screentec vertical bar screen helps resolve the wipes issue by collecting the debris. It retrofits any type of pump station without the need for costly structural changes, and can be mounted and secured and operated in a very small and narrow, and oftentimes very deep wet well or pump station, or any headworks apparatus that is very limited.

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