Newsletter | November 18, 2021

11.18.21 -- WEFTEC 2021 Post-Show Review


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Featured Articles On WEFTEC 2021
WEFTEC 2021 News
A Sampling Of WEFTEC 2021 Interviews
The Moving Targets In The Water And Wastewater Industry

Alex Passini of AWC Solutions shared the effects of supply chain issues and discussed the challenges facing both municipal and industrial wastewater markets with the Water Online editorial team.

Opportunity Meets Preparation

The Water Online editorial staff sat down with Dennis Calvert, CEO of BioLargo, at WEFTEC 2021 to discuss BioLargo’s PFAS solutions, the state of the water industry, and their AOS water treatment technology.

From Reactive To Proactive

The Water Online editorial staff sat down for a brief chat with Lou Arone, Schneider Electric’s U.S. manager of the system and architectures team, industrial automation business, as well as Vincent Puisor, Schneider’s business development manager for water and wastewater in the Americas region, to discuss water industry challenges and the solutions that Schneider has to offer.

On Cybersecurity And Data Security

Eric Dorgelo from Aquatic Informatics shared his thoughts on challenges the industry is facing, cyber threats for utilities, and vulnerabilities in the water and wastewater industry with the Water Online editorial team.

Developing Innovations Around Intensification Of Processes, Capacity, And Level Of Treatment

Chris deBarbadillo of Black & Veatch sat down with the Water Online editorial team to discuss the continued focus on treatment efficiencies to reduce consumption of resources, finding the right balance of working new processes and tools into planning and design, and more at WEFTEC 2021.

Doing What's Right And Bringing The Right Solutions

Chris Milligan, president of ChartWater — parent company to BlueInGreen and AdEdge — sat down with the Water Online editorial staff to discuss all things Chart, ChartWater, and BlueInGreen, and the water industry as a whole.

Helping Small Towns And Small Communities

Jim Dartez is a veteran in the wastewater industry. He shared his thoughts on the current landscape of the industry and how RELIANT Water Technologies is working to improve wastewater treatment.

Affordability And Smart Solutions In The Water Industry

There’s a lot going on in the world of Xylem. Matthew Pine and Joe Vesey sat down to talk about all the big things happening with Xylem — including their global partnership with Premier League squad Manchester City.

Taking A One-Water Approach

Susan Moisio and Nino Kharaishvili sat down with the Water Online editorial team to chat about their building a successful place for the epidemiology program as an early warning system for public health, as well as their experiences using that system to test and monitor disease exposure reference. 

Focusing On A Lack Of Water Supply

Eva Steinle-Darling from Carollo Engineers chatted with the Water Online team about water supply shortages, water quality, and the state of the water industry as a whole at WEFTEC 2021 in Chicago.