News | July 13, 2018

Webinar: Algal Blooms: Technology Solutions For Treatment Plant Operators

Source: Leopold -- A Xylem Brand
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Join us for this live Webinar | Friday, July 27th, 2018 | 2:00 PM ET

Algal blooms have the potential to negatively impact potable water treatment works, increasing maintenance and reducing efficiency to drive up costs. Algal organisms and their byproducts can also cause objectionable taste and odor for the drinking water consumer. On a more serious level, some algal species create toxins with serious human health risks, making the utility’s product unfit for human consumption.

Impacts on treatment works will be discussed along with an overview of treatment options ranging from basic to advanced treatment barriers. Global example case studies will be reviewed including pretreatment barrier and oxidation system additions at WTPs in locations such as Bellingham, Washington and Waco, Texas, USA, and Sung-Nam City and Siheung City, South Korea.


Earn Complimentary CEU Credits Upon Request.

This session will be presented by Steve Green, Robert Wiley, and Jens Scheideler.

Steve Green - Business Development Manager, Water Utilities
Steve Green is the Water Utilities Business Development Manager for Xylem in the Americas region. Steve’s focus is to grow and maintain Xylem’s reputation as the best-in-class provider of water and wastewater equipment and services to municipal clients in North America. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Montana State University, and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Washington. Steve began his career as a civil engineering consultant, designing water and wastewater treatment plants and conveyance systems, before transitioning into water technology business development. Steve has over 18 years of experience in the water industry.

Robert Wiley - Global Product Manager – Leopold Products
Rob Wiley is the Global Product Manager for Xylem’s Leopold® product line, and has 15 years of experience with the application of dissolved air flotation (DAF) and gravity media filtration for drinking and wastewater treatment. Rob played a critical role in the development of Leopold’s Clari-DAF™ system for high-rate dissolved air flotation applications, and he led the process design and commissioning on over 30 large municipal Clari-DAF and Filtration projects throughout his time in the company.

Jens Scheideler - Global Reuse Manager, Xylem Treatment | Global AOP Manager, Wedeco Products
Jens Scheideler is the global manager for Xylem’s Reuse and Advanced Oxidation Process business and has 15 years of experience with the application of ozone and UV based AOPs for drinking and waste water treatment. In his role Jens is also responsible for the design and development of Xylems AOP solutions and several global references like South Koreas first UV AOP system for the removal of 2-Methylisoborneal at the Siheung WTP or the first green field UV Hypo AOP system for potable reuse at the Terminal Island WRF in California bear his signature. Jens is also an active member of the Water Reuse Association and a member of the board of directors of the European Group of the International Ozone Association.

SOURCE: Leopold -- A Xylem Brand