News | February 3, 2016

WaterReuse Florida Seats New Board, Launches Membership Recruitment Initiative

WateReuse Florida is a professional association comprised of public and private professionals with a vested interest in managing, promoting and developing public understanding of the benefit of reuse.

Tuesday, new officers and committee chairs were elected and appointed in anticipation of renewed interest in reuse water as a solution for Florida’s water supply and environmental restoration needs. New officers include: Amy Tracy, ETM, Inc., President; Blake Guillory, P.E. The Guillory Group, Inc., President-elect; Mark Elsner, P.E., South Florida Water Management District, Secretary-Treasurer.

“Given the Governor, Florida Legislature, and Commissioner Putnam’s commitment to sound water policy there’s been a surge of interest in and commitment to our organization,” said Amy Tracy, President, WateReuse Florida. “There is no other organization that is dedicated to specifically to reuse that has the depth and breadth of experience we have in policy, education, and technical practice. We use that expertise as reuse advocates on behalf our members.”

Part of the mission of WateReuse Florida is to educate the public. demonstrates the value of fit for purpose water and the commitment of our membership to responsibly recycle water as Mother Nature intended. In Florida, reuse water is used in many applications including irrigation, indirect potable reuse, and to support Florida’s industries sustainable water initiatives. Some communities use the water for environmental benefit including the rehydration of natural systems or to manage saltwater intrusion that can turn ecosystems brackish.

As the cost of treatment increases as does the quality of the water it makes no sense to waste it by discharging it to the coast.

“Our members are producing, distributing and using this resource every single day. The benefits of reuse is a smart investment in Florida because it facilitates achieving minimum flows and levels to protect our springs, supports sustainable economic growth, and provides communities more control over their water resources.” Tracy said.

SOURCE: WateReuse Florida