Article | January 31, 2012

Water Technology Students Gain Hands-On Experience With UV254

Source: Real Tech Inc.

Linn-Benton Community College in Oregon, USA is preparing students for careers as water or wastewater treatment plant operators with a variety of "hands-on" labs designed by program head Ron Sharman.

The focus of the labs is to give students experience with a variety of operator tasks similar to those encountered daily by a treatment plant operator.

Sharman has seen a lot of change in the water industry over his long tenure as a professor in this field. For example, although UV254 organic testing has long been a known alternative to the more traditional TOC organic analysis, there hasn't been portable or real time UV254 equipment available on the market until more recently, limiting the use of this water quality parameter.

That has all changed now, with both portable and real time UV254 analyzers readily available at affordable price points that are very easy to operate.