Water Pressure Monitoring: The First Step In Distribution System Intelligence


For water utilities, understanding water pressure in the distribution system is a critical component of managing their community’s water supply. In this interview with Water Online Radio, Paul Gifford, Director of Research and Development for Mueller Company, explains how surprised many customers are when they learn what their water pressure actually is.

“What we've found in beta-testing pressure monitoring systems with customers is that most managers don't know what their water pressure is. They know what it is when water leaves the pumping station, but then it disappears on them,” says Gifford.

“They know it’s low if a customer calls and complains, because they're not getting good water pressure out of their shower, but they don't know if it's high.”

A pressure monitoring system, such as the recently launched 350 psi gate valve from Mueller Company, allows water utilities to collect the information required to fine tune their hydraulic models and adjust their pumping systems. Beyond an easy to install pressure monitoring system, Gifford discusses the progression that many customers take from pressure monitoring to leak detection to universal information systems, such as the Mi.Net.