Water Preservation And Conservation Aided By Intelligent Software

Source: Master Meter, Inc.

According to Ian MacLeod, water preservation and water conservation are all about accountability. Consumers being held accountable to conserve. And utilities are recognizing the need to effectively preserve the water they treat.

“The fact of the matter is that water scarcity regardless of where you are is something that you have to think about,” said MacLeod, Vice President of Marketing for Master Meter, in a recent Water Online Radio interview. “There are some very real costs associated with the production of water, the delivery of water, the transportation of water and the whole water business.”

Master Meter’s software allows utilities to create zones to analyze the quantity of water going in and the amount of water being billed on the way out. The severity of water loss can be seen in the disparity between the two numbers.

Likewise for consumers, “You may not know how much water you are using,” MacLeod explains. “Once you find out, you just may end up taking shorter showers or reducing how much you water your lawn.”

To learn about a recent water usage experiment Master Meter conducted in the Coachella Valley Water District in California, click on the radio player below: