Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring

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Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring

Trimble Telog offers the industry’s leading remote data acquisition system including the most comprehensive family of battery powered, environmentally rugged wireless monitors available from any single supplier.


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Trimble Telog RTUs provide a monitoring solution for virtually every sensor, meter, instrument and application found throughout water conveyance systems. Trimble Telog’s data management system delivers information and alarms to your own software application, Telogers Enterprise or a data hosting web service.

Pump Station Monitoring
The Telog Ru-32A monitors one or two pumps for on/off duration, recording the time stamps of each pump cycle along with sensors for pump input and/or output pressure. The Telog Ru-32A is battery powered and wireless so it can be located virtually anywhere the pumps are located. Telog host software rolls up pump run time over any time period; e.g. daily, weekly, monthly etc. You can choose one of our external antenna options best suited to the size and type of building where the pumps are located.

Aquifer Level Monitoring
The Telog Telog PR-32AA Pressure Recording System is supplied with a submersible level sensor that can monitor the level of underground aquifers to accuracies of 0.1%. You can choose a cable length from 6 feet to 600 feet and depth measurement ranges from 1 foot to 500 feet. Battery life exceeds five years when calling into the host server once per day which significantly minimizes site visit requirements. The Telog PR-32A is small enough to install into a 4” x 7” diameter well-head. The sensor and cable can fit into a 1.5” diameter pipe.

Tank Level Monitoring
Telog’s Telog PR-32A Pressure Recorder provides a monitoring system for water tower level offering two installation approaches. You can drop a submersible level sensor into the tank from above or attach a pressure sensor to a fitting below the tank. Both methods provide an accurate means of determining tank level and Telog software can convert this level to volume if the geometry of the tanks is known. Because this system is both wireless and battery powered, installation is quick and inexpensive.

Reservoir Level Monitoring
The Telog PR-32A is ideally suited to monitor and report the level of reservoirs or other surface water bodies. Being battery powered and wireless, you can install the recorder virtually anywhere. In most applications it is only necessary to install a PVC or equivalent pipe to protect the level sensor from debris or surface ice damage.

Rainfall Monitoring
The Telog RG-32A Rain Gauge Recorder monitors the output of any tipping bucket style rain gauge to provide a record of interval rain totals of any user defined length, e.g. 5 minutes, 15 minutes etc. The Telog RG-32A can be configured to call the host computer on a fixed schedule, e.g. daily, or it can call more frequently when it is raining, for example whenever 0.1 inch of rainfall has been accumulated. This would ensure that the user always knows what total rainfall has occurred up to the most recent 0.1 inch.

Mag Meter Monitoring
Telog’s Ru-32A attaches directly to the pulse output of magnetic flowmeters (mag meters) to trend flow at user defined intervals, e.g. 5, 15, 30 minutes. Choose the pressure sensor option for a battery powered (up to 5 years), wireless flow/pressure monitoring system. You can program the recorder with hi and low alarm levels for both pressure and flow for immediate notification of out-of-range site conditions. The included external antenna can be mounted to the underside of a non-metallic meter box or attached to the top of a metallic meter vault door. Our optional burial antenna can be installed below road or sidewalk surfaces.

Hydrant Pressure Monitoring
Intended for attachment to common fire hydrants, the Telog HPR-32A monitors system pressures and trends, min, max and average pressure history at any user interval. Data is internally recorded for many months and wirelessly transferred to the user’s host computer on a schedule or in response to pressure faults or transients. The ideal product for fire flow testing, customer complaints and hydraulic model calibration.

Water Quality Monitoring
Telog’s iLR-32A Current Loop Recorder can typically be attached to the output of any water quality analyzer used throughout water distribution systems including chlorine residual, pH, turbidity etc. The Telog  iLR-32A samples the current loop output frequently (e.g. every second) and reduces this data to meaningful interval data; e.g. 5 minute min/average/max or totals for transfer to your host computer on a schedule or in response to site real-time alarm conditions. Being battery powered, it can be deployed virtually anywhere the analyzer is located.

Pressure Relief Valve Monitoring
Telog’s Ru-32A monitors the event switch on a pressure relief valve and also the pressure at the valve providing event history (time stamped to one second resolution) of when, for how long and at what pressure a Pressure Relief Valve operates. You can upload this information infrequently (e.g. daily) to your host computer or in response to alarm conditions; e.g. pressure trips or valve open duration. The included external antenna can be mounted to the underside of a non-metallic meter box or attached to the top of a metallic meter vault door. Our optional burial antenna can be installed below road or sidewalk surfaces.

Pressure Reducing Valve Monitoring
Telog’s Ru-32A can be provided with two pressure sensors to monitor the input and output of your pressure reducing valves. Additionally, the Telog  Ru-32A can monitor the valve open position if the valve is configured with a valve position potentiometer (e.g. the CLA-VAL x117D). Knowing the differential pressure, the valve position and the valve flow characteristics (provided by the PRV manufacturer) the Telog Ru-32A computes the flow through the valve. This produces a low cost, battery powered, wireless recording and real-time alarm system for PRV vault pressure and flow.

Flow Meter Monitoring
Telog’s Ru-32A can directly attach to the pulse output of common water meters recording flow totals at user defined intervals, e.g. 5, 15, 30 minutes, etc. And, since the Telog Ru-32A is rated IP-67 submersible, it can be located in underground meter vaults. The external antenna provided with the Telog Ru-32A can be mounted to the underside of a non-metallic meter box or attached to the top of a metallic meter vault door. Telog also offers an optional burial antenna that can be installed below road or sidewalk surfaces.

Water Hammer Monitoring
In addition to performing all the functions of the Telog HPR-32iA, the Telog PR-32iA Pressure Impulse Recorder captures water hammer and negative pressure event waveforms in a separate memory and wirelessly downloads them to Telog’s host computer application. This recorder samples water pressure up to 256 samples/second, storing the waveform of impulse events that are detected by a user defined rate-of-change detector. The recorder only stores the real-time waveform during impulse events so over 200 events lasting from a few seconds to many minutes can be stored. Battery life of the Telog HPR-32iA in Impulse Recording mode can exceed 18 months.

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