Brochure | January 15, 2017

Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring Solutions

Source: Telog, A Trimble Company
Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring

Providing water distribution monitoring solutions since 1987, Telog continues to offer the industry’s leading remote data acquisition system including the most comprehensive family of battery powered, environmentally rugged wireless monitors available from any single supplier.

Telog RTUs provide a monitoring solution for virtually every sensor, meter, instrument and application found throughout water conveyance systems. Telog’s data management system delivers information and alarms to your own software application, Telogers Enterprise or a data hosting web service.

Telog RTUs
Telog 32 Series RTUs (Recording Telemetry Units) are:

  • Battery powered
  • Cellular enabled
  • Environmentally rugged
  • Intended to operate for years on-site without maintenance.

All Telog 32 Series recorders include an embedded, low power m2m cellular modem which employs 1xRTT communication protocol in North America on CDMA networks or GPRS communications protocol internationally on GSM networks. This permits deployment of Telog 32 Series RTUs wherever cellular coverage is available and data automatically transfers to any designated host computer connected to the Internet.

Telog host application software Telogers for Windows or Telogers Enterprise supports hundreds of simultaneous communication sessions with remote RTUs to ensure no communications bottleneck.