Water Distribution Modeling & Management

Source: Innovyze

Improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of your water distribution network.


Our water distribution software empowers water distributors to:

  • Understand and manage water distribution networks better
  • Add live modeling to incorporate real-time performance data
  • Model water quality and age
  • Configure live alerts so operators can quickly see what areas need attention
  • Work from existing GIS or model data sets
  • Identify critical links and assess vulnerabilities/risks
  • Determine geographical demand allocation to ensure the credibility of network models

InfoWater and InfoWater Pro
InfoWater and InfoWater Pro are geocentric advanced smart water technology that work with Esri ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro respectively. They feature a rich set of capabilities designed to maximize effectiveness and cost-savings.

InfoWorks WS Pro
InfoWorks WS Pro combines a fast, relational database with a powerful hydraulic engine and spatial analysis tools to provide a single, flexible modeling application. InfoWorks WS Pro’s hydraulic engine is respected for being stable and reliable, especially for dealing with large distribution networks.

IWLive Pro
IWLive Pro is an operational modeling tool for water supply networks. It offers both hydraulic and water quality simulations, predicts demand, and optimizes pump schedules. IWLive Pro extends the benefits of live modeling to the control room, leading to greater efficiency, cost savings and improved service for customers.

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