News | April 5, 2018

Wastewater Treatment Rehabilitation Project In Key West, Florida

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

KW Resort Utilities Corp. of Key West, Florida has selected Evoqua Water Technologies through its sales partner Heyward Florida Incorporated for a project to rehab and coat three DAVCO field-erected biological wastewater treatment tanks and related equipment located in the resort community of Key West, Florida. The DAVCO steel field-erected biological treatment tanks are part of an 850,000 gallon per day (GPD) treatment facility located near the Gulf of Mexico in a corrosive salt-water environment. These treatment tanks have been in service since 1983, 1995, and 2007 respectively. After minor modifications, upgrades and the rehabilitation of needed components, the equipment will be sandblasted and re-coated by Evoqua's DAVCO Field Service team.

The plant and project is a continuation of a 35-year relationship between KWRU and Evoqua's DAVCO product field service team that began in 1993, when Evoqua supplied a 250,000 GPD extended aeration DAVCO Field-Erected Treatment Plant. In 1997 a second identical plant was erected, doubling the capacity to 500,000 GPD. In 2007, a 56,000 gallon stand-alone clarifier was erected and the two existing plants were converted into a three-stage Biological Nutrient Removal process as effluent requirements became more stringent. In 2016 a new 350,000 GPD plant was added giving the utility a total treatment capacity of 850,000 GPD.

"DAVCO Field Erected Plants are an excellent solution for growing wastewater systems, KW Resort Utilities is a perfect example of this, as the utility's wastewater service territory expanded additional DAVCO treatment plants were added to meet the changing needs of the Utility and the community," stated Chris Johnson, President of KW Resort Utilities. "Additionally, DAVCO plants provide an integrated and uniform operating environment even though they were installed three decades apart."

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SOURCE: Evoqua Water Technologies