Article | January 16, 2018

Wastewater Condition Changes: Timely Data, Timely Control

Source: Hach
Wastewater Condition Changes: Timely Data, Timely Control

Treatment plants all over the country are looking for the tools to monitor wastewater conditions in real time, staying on top of things as they change, rather than waiting to gauge conditions only at certain points between lengthy intervals.

The reasons for this are numerous and largely self-evident. Having real-time knowledge of a waste stream makes an operation more efficient and nimble, prepared to comply with regulations more easily, and it can save significantly on costs.

As mandates become increasingly stringent — for nutrients with total phosphorus limits routinely hovering around 1.0 mg/L — wastewater plants must become ever more vigilant. This vigilance depends on the ability to monitor waste streams in real time, not merely reacting to contamination after it’s been discovered.