Video Exposes Sludge Reduction Efficiency Of Unique Wastewater Lagoon Aerator

Source: RELIANT Water Technologies

The Reliant Water Technologies Lagoon Master (formerly Model WQA) aerator has captured the interest of the global waste lagoon industry over the past several years.  With hundreds of these unique aerators now in use around the world, there is finally a video that provides visual proof of the underwater flow/action that takes place with just 4 (2.98 kW) total horsepower (HP).  The unique water moving action of the Lagoon Master ‘fluidizes the sludge’ so that the natural bacteria in the sludge can more readily break down the organic fractions in the sludge.  Actually, this action utilizes only 2 (1.5 kW) HP for effectively reducing the sludge in an area of well over an acre of surface water.

The other 2 HP is used to add up to 15 lbs of dissolved oxygen (DO) to the water.  The DO, of course, is what keeps the indigenous microbes alive and healthy.  And, because of the unique sludge level action of water flow, the DO is distributed where it is required most - throughout the sludge itself.