News | August 3, 2018

Veolia Water Technologies, Specialized In Water And Wastewater Treatment Solutions, Has Been Awarded A Contract To Supply An Actiflo® Clarification System To The Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station (WWTS) In The State Of Washington

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia has been selected to provide a 70 MGD Actiflo® clarification system to the new Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station. The system will treat combined sewer overflow (CSO) and help reduce the number of untreated events that currently discharge into the Duwamish River during severe rainstorms. The Actiflo® process will provide a minimum of 85% removal of TSS while treating influent conditions in excess of 300 mg/L.

The Actiflo® system, expected to be operational near the end of 2021, will be utilized as needed by the Georgetown WWTS to clarify combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharge from wet weather events.

Veolia’s Actiflo® system is a proprietary technology with over 900 installations worldwide. The Actiflo® technology has a proven track record not only effectively clarifying turbid water, but also treating a multitude of different water pollutants. The compact footprint, cost-efficient maintenance and high degree of operational flexibility of the Actiflo® system will give King County a clarification technology that can meet and adapt to all its wastewater treatment needs well into the future.

Source: Veolia Water Technologies