Utilities Get "Smart" About Disaster Preparation

Source: Sensus

To prepare for an emergency, one of the smartest things a utility can do is have a smart water network, says Tom Mills of Sensus in an interview with Water Online Radio.

Mills and his colleague Dan Penny explain how an individualized smart water network can help utilities operate more efficiency, both in normal conditions and extreme ones.

“We've got first-hand experience of the potential impact that a smart water network can have during these natural disasters. During Hurricane Sandy with the use of the data that was coming out of the network, the water utilities were able to pinpoint where the natural disaster had an impact on the water network. With the use of this information, the water utilities were able to get to the properties where there was nobody living in them, but to go in and tap their leaks to stop the damage that can be caused to the properties.”

If power is lost or communication is compromised, a smart water system can also help the utility get their infrastructure and system back online much faster than they could in the past.

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