Upcoming Tech: Alternatives To Coal-Based Activated Carbon, Magnetite Ballasted, And More

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

In this Water Online interview, Paul Rice of Evoqua talks about the company’s variety of technologies which span across a wide range of water treatment solutions. One highlight is Evoqua’s AquaCarb CX, a coconut shell-based activated carbon that offers an alternative to coal-based activated carbon for removing disinfection byproducts, tastes, and odors.

“It has the high capacity for organics removal, like standard coconut, but it also has the fast absorption kinetics of coal-based solutions,” explains Rice in the Water Online interview. “It brings the best of two worlds together.”

Another interesting technology from Evoqua is their Memcor CP II, a pressurized, pre-engineered membrane system with a modular building-block configuration and an ultra-compact footprint.  The product has been redesigned to include much larger modules and a more efficient backwash system. This results in less production downtime and a larger capacity, explains Rice. 

Evoqua’s CoMag System also has some updates.

“What's new about CoMag is we use magnetite as ballast, and typically ballasted systems have used sand as a ballast, and that works fine, but there's some advantages with having magnetite. One of those advantages is that is magnetic and is heavy,” says Rice.

To hear more about Evoqua’s technologies click below for the full Water Online interview

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