UltraDynamics® Industrial UV Solutions Ultrapure Water

Source: De Nora


Whether used in the pharmaceutical, electronics, or other industries, ultrapure water systems rely on ultraviolet energy to produce and maintain the highest possible standard of water quality. UltraDynamics® has been providing UV systems for the treatment of ultrapure water for over 20 years. Our series 8102-HIE (standard intensity) and 8102-HO (High Output) offers the flexibility demanded by these industries. Our equipment for ultrapure water applications uses electropolished 316 stainless steel chambers (both inside and out), with removable flanged heads for easy disassembly. All interior welds are ground smooth, passivated, and polished.

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Systems can be provided with flanged or sanitary process connections. UltraDynamics® offers fast turnaround on custom solutions. We build our equipment to meet your needs. We provide either 254 nm lamps for disinfection or 185nm lamps for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) reduction. Our UV intensity monitor facilitates continuous indication of UV intensity within the reactor.

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