Ultra-High Recovery Reverse Osmosis

Ultra-High Recovery Reverse Osmosis

AdEdge-ROTEC’s Flow Reversal technology is designed to be implemented in new and existing reverse osmosis desalination facilities for water purification, brackish water, process water, and other industrial applications. This high recovery technology addresses concerns often associated with desalination and enables significant system performance improvements, leading to higher profitability, reduced operating costs, and a lower environmental impact.

Flow Reversal technology* is a unique solution designed to inhibit and prevent mineral scaling, a common phenomena in membrane-based desalination processes. Mineral scaling leads to membrane plugging, which limits recovery rates, increases cleaning frequency (CIP), and reduces the membrane’s lifespan. AdEdge-ROTEC’s solution allows plants to operate at higher recoveries without being exposed to the hazard of mineral scaling and its negative impact on system performance.

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