Brochure | May 13, 2014

Trihedral Strategic Partner Program Brochure

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Trihedral works with RTU and PLC manufacturers to simplify the link between HMI and control device.

Trihedral’s VTScada Strategic Partner Program provides manufacturers with advanced SCADA HMI support for their PLC/RTU hardware. The program leverages capabilities of the VTScada software platform to ease the addition of new field devices and provide greater functionality to the user.

How does the program work and what are the benefits?
Through collaborative effort between Trihedral engineers and the hardware manufacturer, a set of VTScada software tools, specific to the hardware device, is developed. The tools are wrapped into a wizard format, which is launched each time a new device is added to the SCADA system. The wizard walks the VTScada integrator through a set of easy steps, which automatically integrates the device into the HMI.

These wizards remove user error from the setup process, reducing integration time and easing the burden on manufacturer tech support.

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