Tracking Chemical Use To Optimize Quality And Save Money

Source: OpWorks

Q&A With Opworks™ User And Developers

What technology is available to monitor and optimize my plant operations?

The Wastewater Treatment Facility in Havre, Montana is successfully tracking chemical dosing, equipment maintenance, operators’ shift notes, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) information with OpWorks™. OpWorks™ is a customizable, cloud-based solution for facility operators, superintendents, and managers that saves data in one easy to access location. “Our OpWorks™ account is set up to allow us to view any facility information that we are tracking. We can access all past reports for whatever date ranges we choose. We can cross reference operational changes posted to the shift notes section to see what works best to produce a quality effluent, and also what changes to avoid,” says Bryan Frey, Havre Wastewater Operator.