Article | January 16, 2018

Three Common Compliance Errors And How To Avoid Them

Source: Hach Company
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Three Common Compliance Errors And How To Avoid Them

When you’re in the wastewater treatment industry, compliance is the name of the game.

In an industry that has such influence over environmental and public health, regulators are a major presence. Wastewater treatment plants are required to comply, often both locally and federally, with permits that dictate the amount of constituents that can be present in their effluent.

But sometimes compliance takes more than just the best efforts of operators. While they may have every intention of meeting their permit requirements, all-too-common errors in the lab, errors with instrumentation, or errors in treatment technology, keep them from doing so. Gaining a better sense of the areas where these errors can occur will help treatment operations avoid them in the future and remain compliant.